Battery Drain Analyzer apk for android

A must have!! To my knowledge, this Battery Drain Analyzer apk for android one of the only  apps that tells you how much CPU each application or background process is consuming. It is super useful to spot problematic apps on your phone. It thus has helped me to go from a 10 hours autonomy, to 40+ hours on a single charge on my GS3. I already bought this application long time ago. Now I installed a custom ROM and installing everything from scratch. The app is asking to pay again.

Battery Drain Analyzer (Premium)
Requirements: Android 2.2+, Titanium Backuo, Root
Overview: Battery Drain Analyzer with Simple profile manager

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Battery Drain Analyzer apk for android

Battery Drain Analyzer with Simple profile manager

Basic features
– shows battery status in notification bar
– shows battery status in widget 1×1, 2×1
– shows battery level changes in time for day
– shows battery life statistic for last 30 days
– estimates for how long the battery last
– estimates for how long the battery will be charged
– notification in case battery level is bellow selected level
– notification for full battery (charging finished)
– 3 simple profiles (possible manual and automatic time activation): Day, Night, Save (allows enable/disable settings bellow)
– 5 buttons for enable/disable: airplane, Bluetooth, mobile data, Wi-Fi, sync + 1 button to access settings
– no advertisement

Premium features
– shows which application drain battery most last 30 days (day by day or average)

How Analyzer works
Analyzer shows battery drain applications (active & background), but it is not real time monitor, because that monitor would consume a lot of energy from battery. Analyzer shows results bigger than 100%. It is because analyzer shows data based on analytic average. It means if one application uses 10% of CPU all the time, it consumes more energy than application which uses 100% for 2 minutes. If application consumes more energy, it gets more percents as result. This is mathematics. Analyzer count results based on CPU consumption, it means if application doesn’t consume CPU, but it only keeps display lighting (which also drain battery), run GPS all the time or other drain activity which doesn’t include CPU load, analyzer doesn’t detect this.

How to deal with battery drain application
If you need application which drains your battery most, try to change application settings like update interval, etc. Also check if application has any update available. If yes, try to update and monitor application behavior.
If you donA´t need application and you have Android ICS and higger, you can try to unistall all updates and try to disable application in Android application management (Menu-System settings-Apps-All).

If you find incorrect translation or you wish to translate application to your language, please do it on following page:

If you use a task killer, please add the application to the exception list.

If you have suggestion, comment, bug report or language correction, please use first “Feedback” in Menu a€“ Preferences. It is very hard to help you, if you only criticize application without additional information on the Google Play.

Instructions :
1. Download .rar file
2. Extract .rar
3. Copy that 3 files to your Titanium Backup folder
– msd.n2g.n3g-20130328-141550
– msd.n2g.n3g-fe5dd80886485742b60e425902d8a5ae.apk
– msd.n2g.n3g-20130328-141550.tar
4. Open Titanium Backup
5. Restore App + App data
6. Enjoy

Battery Drain Analyzer apk for android What’s New

It will works on Android 5, but colors icons will not work correctly for now, but I will fix that soon.

This app has NO advertisements

Battery Drain Analyzer apk

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I have purchased this Battery Drain Analyzer apk for android app and is of no use, it will give counting but once the phone is reset there is no option of back up or restore the stats. There are many other apps with more then this features even free. Most worst thing I had mailed the vendor of this app for this. Like others, I thought the new UI was horrible and cluttered. The dev was quick to offer yup a solution that would please both sides.