Dungeon Blaze RPG android apk

This Dungeon Blaze RPG android apk games have come a long way since your original ones. However it would be nice to see some new changes. Like the ability to break open pots or boxes to find gold/items. Also the ability to knock over fire pots as defense. I think the most annoying part of the game is the lack of sound files.

Dungeon Blaze RPG android apk

Dungeon Blaze RPG android apk

Dungeon Blaze v1.5 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: A dragon had not been seen in a Thousand years, and the old order of Dragon Hunters had all but disbanded, people lived safely in the knowledge that the greatest threats to their kingdoms and cities was gone forever.

That changed the night the sky rained fire. Flaming rock rained all through the world, opening ancient passages to the underworld and from there poured forth a new legion of dragons and their servants. Orcs, goblins, skeletons, ogres, imps, monsters and mad cultists sprung up everywhere, eager to serve new dragon lords and cover the world in ashes.

You are the last of the Dragon Slayers, and the task rests on you to end the greatest threat the world has ever known, and prevent this from turning into a tiny deadly world.

– Hack your way crawling through deadly tiny dungeons
– Dungeon crawling, hack and slash, action RPG gameplay
– Unlock weapons, armors, items and powerful special abilities
– RPG : Improve your hero stats, upgrade your weapons, skills and items
– Be a hunter of demons, skeletons, goblins, zombies, tiny imps, monsters, dragons in the dark dungeons
– Stunning 3d graphics

Dungeon Blaze RPG android apk What’s New
– Gameplay balancing
– Enemies now drop gold
– Bosses drop gem

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Download Instructions: Gold/Gems/Stat Point/Material Increase


Its neat but more interaction could be added on the map, like the ability to break boxes, barrels, etc. But what I’ve seen so far is pretty nice, i like the look and hope it will be improved. This game has potential. The Dungeon Blaze RPG android apk game is fun I just don’t like movable control pad. But other than that the game is great responds a tad slow when turning around when fighting but still can’t have it all its fun regardless