Empire VS Orcs v1.0.4 android apk

Great Empire VS Orcs v1.0.4 android apk game, keeps you playing for hours. You will need to buy coins/crystals but worth it (make sure to buy the biggest pack at the start of game as this is enough to just get right through the game). Shame you cant replay game once you finish with your leveled up profile which means I will only play this game once through. One of the best games ever for mobile good level up system great graphics just wish you could go back on levels it gets pretty hard on higher levels no way too prepare make a sequel.

Empire VS Orcs v1.0.4
Requirements: Android 1.6 or higher
Overview: Use your wisdom to crush enemy tribes and destroy the den of Orcs!
The war between the Empire and the Orcs is breaking out!

Empire VS Orcs v1.0.4 android apk download today

Empire VS Orcs v1.0.4 android apk

☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted Features ☆☆☆☆☆

1. Attack and Defend: as a Defender, you need to protect your castle; as an Attacker, send your army to destroy the Orcs’ den;

2. Five offensive lines, so you can organize your soldiers in different formations and correspondingly the enemies will have coping strategy to send NPCs, which makes the game more interesting and challenging.

3. Plant gold mine and mana well to speed up creating armies and recovering your magic;

4. Wide variety of combat arms, such as footman, spearman, knight and archer, and each has their own skills and characteristics which can be upgraded. Correspondingly, the enemy also has variety of orcs, tigerish, strong, rapid and almost indestructible powerful boss. The key to victory is the good co-ordination.

5. Variety game modes frequently illustrated in different levels, so you will always keep a feeling of freshness.

6. Polished graphics and glorious magic effects. Highly valued details of the design. And you are the hero to lead this epic war!

Empire VS Orcs

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This game overall is decent for what its worth. The style is very similar to many war style games. It is a good free game and is very fun and easy to learn at the start. About all of round 1 is relatively easy without paying any extra cash. The second round starts easy and then exponentially rises in difficulty. This is actually a good game but if u reach level 18 you can no longer win as it Empire VS Orcs v1.0.4 android apk is very unfare defense from your enemy gold even slower to grow so you cant buy immediate army.