Angry Birds Goal! v0.4.5 mod apk

I love this Angry Birds Goal! v0.4.5 mod apk game cant get enough of it but it takes an hour just to get 20 percent of your energy must be fixed. Good game Wish you could play more though and not just pass, kick, shoot, etc.

Angry Birds Goal! v0.4.5 mod apk

Angry Birds Goal! v0.4.5 [Mod Money] is Genre Android Game. Created @ 31 July 2016 | 9:34 am. The following is the complete description :

Angry Birds Goal! v0.4.5 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Join a Bird Island soccer team, and manage every aspect of your career to carry your team to the top!

You are the newest aquisition of soccer team, the Mighty Feathers. Managed by none other than Mighty Eagle, The Mighty Feathers have fallen in the league, and they’re looking for fresh talent to reinvigorate their game. That’s where you come in. Take control of every aspect of your career as the brightest upcoming soccer star on Bird Island, and lead your new team to victory!

First touch for touch
Dribble, shoot, pass, and score to lead your team to victory – all with one finger. Turn the table on the pigs in game-deciding events – Beat the keeper for a goal, pass to teammates for an assist, and out maneuver your opponents for the win!

Train up
Improve your pace, power, technique and defence the old fashioned way – by training. No one said it would be easy. Complete a few drills and you’ll be outplaying your piggy opponents in no time! Of, course, hiring a trainer helps as well.

Live the Life
Manage your relationships with your team, and your fans as you traverse the delicate minefield of life in the spotlight. Master post-game interviews like a PR pro, and make important decisions to keep everyone happy. Should you really be hitting the club the night before a big game?

Nothing makes people happy like winning games. Win more to increase your star rating and improve your relationships with your boss, team, and fans, and earn more money. Easy.

OMG Shoes
Buy pretty new shoes to compliment your outfits and boost your stats. Just remember to match them with your bag or you will look totally ridiculous and everyone will laugh at you.


– It’s free!
– Super addictive, exciting simulation of soccer on Bird Island!
– Take part in games with intuitive touch controls for dribbling, shooting, and passing.
– Experience the highs and lows of your new celebrity life as a bird soccer player.
– Hire agents, trainers, learn new skills, and develop your talent!
– Play mini-games to pick up some extra snoutlings. Those shoes aren’t going to pay for themselves.


This new version of “Angry Birds Goal!” brings you player-versus-player multiplayer competitions! Enter your team into brand new leagues and face off against other players to come out on top and bag some amazing rewards!

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Very good Angry Birds Goal! v0.4.5 mod apk game I would like to see more interaction with the others players of my team. Back working and back being one of the best games out there.