Balloon Paradise v2.7.1 apk for android

Balloon Paradise v2.7.1 apk for android is my new favorite game It’s colorful is exciting it’s not the same old thing over and over it’s different each time it’s a pure joy to play everyone that put this together.

Balloon Paradise v2.7.1 apk for androidBalloon Paradise v2.7.1 (Mod Money) is Genre Android Game. Created @ 7 May 2016 | 11:48 am. The following is the complete description :

Balloon Paradise v2.7.1 (Mod Money)
Requirements: 4.0 +
Overview: Ready to start matching and popping some balloons?

Balloon Paradise is a colorful and exciting match 3 puzzle game that takes place in a world high above the clouds! Swap and match shiny balloons and unleash fantabulous power-ups as you work to save the sky city of Floatopia!

Belle’s amazing adventure has taken her to a world she never knew existed. Far above the land, hidden by the clouds, is a city made entirely out of balloons. A great gust of wind has stirred up trouble in this beautiful world, mixing up all of the colors and causing parts of the city to disappear! Only Belle can put things in order, and she’s got just the match 3 skills to do it!

Travel to amazing new worlds as you help Belle by matching balloons one group at a time. Solve puzzles to get special power-ups that can pop tons of balloons at once, sending them back to Floatopia in a great flash of fun!

* Restore a magical city floating high in the sky.
* Match and pop colorful balloons in tons of different patterns.
* Over 105 levels of exciting, fast-paced matching.
* Create amazing power-ups and use them to clear the screen!


Balloon Paradise just got a lot more exciting! Our brand new update introduces two special powers guaranteed to spice up your puzzle solving. Huge Bomb Flowers are appearing all over the place, each one sprouting a bunch of smaller Petal Balloons. Make matches with these new items and you’ll get some amazing power-ups. Go on, download and start swapping!
Features in this update:
– 30 brand new levels, bringing the total number of levels to 300!
– Bomb Flowers and Petal Balloons

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Fun and addicting Just started playing and to hard to put down. So Balloon Paradise v2.7.1 apk for android worth the download. I thought it was gonna be more of the same… Exceed all my expectations…the best puzzle match game ive found here so far…highly recommended.