Crusaders Quest v2.6.7.KG mod apk for android

I have been playing this Crusaders Quest v2.6.7.KG mod apk for android since it came out around 2 years ago(I think?) Adding more content is good but what this game needs is to improve on the multiplayer aspects, only being able to play with your friends for world boss or colloseum matches feel repetitive and can get boring, another downfall is that cross platforming is not available but improving on the multiplayer aspects should be the main priority.

Crusaders Quest v2.6.7.KG mod apk for androidCrusaders Quest v2.6.7.KG [Mods]
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Celebrate our 5 million download milestone with NEW HEROES and new adventures! Collect and command over 200 heroes, time your taps for real-time puzzle battles, and defeat waves of monsters in an epic quest to save the Goddesses before they fall to the power of the Apostles!

Only you and your ragtag group of 16-bit crusaders can journey to save the Goddesses and unlock their special powers to repel the mysterious witch’s darkness from the land. Travel through the thick forest, across the blazing desert, under the ocean waves, and through the heart of a volcano to find the Goddesses.

Real-time, strategic puzzle combat! Match your heroes’ skill blocks to quickly decimate your foes. The more matches you make, the more devastating your attacks will be. Fill your power meter to deliver character specific special moves like the Archer’s Fire Rain or the Paladin’s earth-shattering Holy Hammer! Time your strikes to defeat massive Boss Monsters and learn their attack patterns just like old-school console titles.

After strengthening your heroes, take them into nail-biting PVP battles and test your team against the world! With over 200 Heroes to collect, there’s no limit to the combinations of Crusaders you can take into battle! Find the winning combo and climb to the top ranks of our global PVP leaderboard. Stake your claim at the top of the leaderboard with a personalized PVP statue in your town.

Find the source of the monster madness in the world. Follow the trail of elemental magic as you rescue more Goddesses in their immortal fight in the world. Team up with the sacred Goddesses as you push out the rampaging beasts and wipe the wild corruption from the world. With a new Goddess arriving in Crusaders Quest, now there’s more combinations, more strategy, and more solutions for each battle!

Play 6 unique classes and recruit over 200 unique heroes, each with their own strengths on the pixelated battlefield. Choose the fighter for strength, the wizard for magical power, the hunter for precision, the archer for striking speed, the priest for healing, or the paladin for the holy might! Choose your combination and master the puzzle skill matching!

1. God Mode (Immortal) (Only for your heroes)

1. God Mode (Immortal) (Only for your heroes)
2. 1 Hit Kill (Monster HP reduced to 0)

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It’s Crusaders Quest v2.6.7.KG mod apk for android really well balanced overall. The game can be played at your own pace, and it’s satisfing to do so. The art is quite excellent and the style ia lovable. Even though there are long maintenances, they are mostly worth it. Super Smash Battle! Please! Love this game! But what happened to the development of the Super Smash Battle PVP?