Pokemon go apk mod v0.29.2

I wish that tracking pokemon was easier so I knew what direction I should go in right away (a radar would be cool). And I wish there were more pokemon near me at home. Aside from that this game is awesome! Best game ever! Its definitely addictive if youre willing to put effort in getting up to travel. Lots of bugs such as frozen screens when catching pokemon, gyms and gps/pokestops which really impact on Pokemon go apk mod v0.29.2 gameplay.

Pokemon go apk mod v0.29.2

Pokemon Go v0.29.2 is Genre Android Game. Created @ 13 July 2016 | 8:50 am. The following is the complete description :

Pokemon Go v0.29.2
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: In the “Pokémon GO”, the player as a Pokemon trainer, walking the various places, by searching, you can catch a wild Pokemon us appropriate to its location. For example, you may be able to meet the type of Pokémon not seen in the vicinity of the lake and the sea.

Just as Pokemon trainers go on a journey of looking for Pokemon, you will be able to explore the real world.

It caught the way – of basic Pokemon

When Pokemon during the startup of the “Pokémon GO” appears in the vicinity of their own, smart phones will let me know and vibration.

Pokemon and can encounter when you tap the Pokemon that appear on the smartphone map, and throw to swipe the monster ball on the screen, you can catch. On the screen, Pokemon will appear on top of the actual landscape.

■ terms used in “Pokémon GO”

monster ball and a tool to use in order to catch the Pokemon, you can get at a particular location, which is called to appear on the map, “Poke Stop”. You may occasionally find the egg of Pokemon.

“Poke Stop”, such as the historic sites and the famous monuments, located anywhere in the world, familiar place where you did not mind usually is, it may be a very important spot.

a lot to find a Pokemon, by catch, will raise the level as a Pokemon trainer. By level up, can encounter a stronger Pokemon, it will be a good tool is also available.

Some of the Pokémon, some intended to “evolution”. By catch a lot of such Pokemon, you can evolve the one animal.

Pokemon of the egg, as well as the game of Pokemon trainer, is to walk a lot, you can return.

■ belong to the gym to choose the team! Battle in cooperation!

When the level of as Pokemon trainer goes up, players will be asked to participate in one or any of the three types of teams.

And, it appeared on the map, such as “Poke Stop” to “Jim”, you will be able to belong. The battle in cooperation with players of the same team, to protect the “gym” that belong.

Pokemon placement and Jimubatoru of flow ~ to ~ Jim

participation in the ① team

there are three types to choose one from the team, will participate.

② Pokemon placed in the “gym”

and to place in the “gym” that is on the map their own Pokemon, you will be able to belong to the “gym”.

Placement can be is any team of Pokemon not also have been placed or “Jim”, one of the “gym” that the same team as his Pokemon is located.

③ Jimubatoru

a team of Pokemon has been placed “Jim” is, you may be challenged to “Jimubatoru” from the other two teams.

One of the “gym”, can not be placed only up to one animal per player, team members should be placed more than one Pokemon to cooperate, there is a need to strengthen the defense of the “gym”.

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Many bugs still being worked out. But with 400+ more Pokémon coming this game will be amazing for days months maybe years to come. The update fixes many bugs yes but the problem of clicking one pokemon and the instantly freezes is still there and if you could fix this Pokemon go apk mod v0.29.2 than that would be great.


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